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Sep 26, 2014 - Book Review, Christian    1 Comment

Book review: Can I Really Trust the Bible?

Author: Barry Cooper

Published 2014

In his introduction, Cooper asks what the Bible claims to be, what it seems to be, and what it proves to be. And, for such a small book, he does a good job at trying to answer these questions.

Rather than drowning the reader with heavy theological argument, Cooper gently guides the reader through the various topics. He also attempts to answer the kind of questions that the seeker, or young Christian might ask – Isn’t the Bible out of date; what other documents “prove” the Bible; Isn’t the Qu’ran also God’s word?

The first two chapters look at both Old and New Testament claims to divine authority and look at Jesus’ place in them. The humanity and divinity of Jesus are explored. Chapter 3 looks at the writers of the Bible and the authority by which they wrote. The next chapter looks at the more critical questions that would challenge the place of the Bible; who decided the order of the books; what about errors and contradictions? And finally chapter 5 encourages the reader to open the Bible and read it for himself. It is only by doing so that one can really “taste” the contents.

The style of writing provides the reader with tasters; bite-sized explanations or discussions on the topic. This makes the book very readable and would appeal to those who are starting their Christian journey, or for those that would wish to discuss the themes in a small group.