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Jul 17, 2014 - Mental health    No Comments

I’m proud to be bipolar

I’ve often wondered how I would tell my story. Indeed, is my story of any relevance. Maybe not; only to me. But I do love to read of the experience of others. Patricia Potts wrote this piece “Proud to be Bipolar” on the International Bipolar Foundation website. It hits home in many ways. However, read the comment by Char Kimber to see how frustrating it can be to live with mental illness.

The journey begins

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have my own blog. So here it is!

My musings will be generally limited to three areas: Christianity, mental health issues (mainly bi-polar disorder), and free software. Things may change, but these are the three main influences on my life. Family and friends have a major part in the support I receive but I hope my readers (if any!) will contribute. Sometimes I will need help and encouragement; feel free to be part of this. Sometimes I hope to encourage or inform others; join in this.

This will be a new venture, a new journey for me. Treat me gently!